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Associate Shooter - Rachel

"Hey Y'all" is Southern for "Welcome"... & you'll hear me say it a lot! If I'm going to be a part of the best day of your life, then I think you should know a little bit about me first! 

I love love! I have so much love for my 2 kitty-babies that I sometimes think my heart could actually burst! I LOVE my amazing, & obnoxiously sarcastic family! My parents are wonderful, & have always been accepting & supportive of any dream I've had. I also have a younger brother who has the cutest 6 year old girl, named Hollie. You can call me Aunt Ray Ray, by the way. 

I grew up in Navarre Beach, Florida & will always call Florida "Home". There's nothing like it! Growing up, I had a serious love for performing & singing (still do!)...I majored in Theatre at the University of West Florida. I’m obsessed with anything Belle / Beauty & the Beast related. Everyone who knows me, knows that's my "thing"! I am a very passionate Disney lover. Couldn't count the amount of times we went to Disney growing up & I even got the amazing opportunity to work there right after college... my life-long dream!! 

Along with performing, I always had a love for photography. I was always carrying around a disposable camera & documenting all of my friends, any chance I could get! I upgraded to a cheap film camera, then my first digital camera, then eventually- my first "real" camera- a Canon Rebel XTi! My parents got it for me for Christmas my Senior year of high school. I was a photographer for the school yearbook & was asked by my teacher if I'd like to photograph her sister's wedding. I was extremely hesitant, but I'm so glad I did, because it opened up this part of my soul that I didn't know was missing!

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